Theresa Mayberry

Theresa Mayberry, Ph.D. has more than 40 years of experience in leading and transforming organizations, successful programs and policy development concentrating on improved service delivery systems for children, families, and communities. For decades, she has invested in public policy solutions to improve the opportunities for all segments of society, particularly the least served.

Theresa’s experience includes:

– Chief Program Officer at St. Louis County Children’s Services

– Executive Vice President/Chief of Staff at Wyman Center

– President and CEO of Grace Hill Settlement House

– Director of Early Care and Education for the Caroline and Sigmund Schott Foundation in Boston

– Bureau Deputy Director for the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services.

She is an Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellows alumnus, where she was involved with the design and implementation of the national policy group, Corporate Voices for Working Families. Her volunteer work includes service as a Trustee for the Missouri Foundation for Health, a Trustee for the St. Louis City Department of Health, and a Board member for The Soulard School.

Theresa works on strategy and leadership projects to transform organizations and improve conditions for the disadvantaged and those institutions that serve them.

Contact:  (314) 596-1265