Nonprofit Strategy Consulting

 Strategic Planning

Good strategic planning is focused on strategy, vision, and priorities for the future.  A key element of strategic planning is the identification and framing of critical issues. We help an organization examine where it currently is strategically positioned, how it compares to others in its sphere, and what is on the horizon. Then, we work with the organization to frame the questions and determine what needs to be answered in order to establish strategic direction.

Finally, we design and facilitate planning sessions to address the critical issues and ensure alignment among key stakeholders. Our strategic planning approach includes the participation of all people involved: Board members, staff at various levels, and key external stakeholders. Our approach supports an organization’s conducting an ongoing planning approach, rather than planning that is episodic every several years.

Business Development Strategy

Determining the value of new business needs a strategic approach assuring that the values and mission of your organization align with profitable new growth. EMD partners know how difficult it is to grow and develop new business.  We assist Boards and senior executives in identifying paths for growth in this ever-changing environment.

EMD helps you build that strategy by first helping you to assess your existing organizational structure, products, and services. New business also requires financial resources and we assist you in identifying what those new sources of funds can be while assuring alignment with your service goals and mission.

Merger & Acquisitions

A merger should benefit both parties’ mission, infrastructure, organizational capacity, and sustainability. Mergers should support cultural compatibility, and should be structured to meet legal and organizational requirements. EMD assists with mergers by working with Boards and staffs – sometimes of one organization and sometimes of both organizations – to ensure that a high-quality decision process is in place.

EMD can provide a range of consulting services facilitating mergers and acquisitions, including: identification of the characteristics of an ideal partner organization; facilitating invitations of potential partner organizations to consider entering into dialogue and due diligence; selecting organizations for potential mergers; coordinating due diligence; facilitating the decision-making process; coordinating the implementation process; and designing an external communications strategy.

Financial Strategy

For most nonprofit organizations, financial strategies are paramount in planning their futures. These strategies can be integrated into strategic plans, but can also be far more detailed than is usual in a strategic plan. EMD is experienced in creating detailed financial strategies for organizations of all sizes.

These can be overall financial strategies or specific ones focused on fundraising, earned revenue, membership, or on the financial impact of capital projects. We have worked on financial studies for merging organizations and those going through other restructuring such as privatization of local government organizations.

Health Care

Health care is changing at a very rapid pace. Whether your organization is a social services nonprofit or behavioral health provider interested in finding new ways to fund existing programs, or an insurer seeking new functions serving your members to deliver better-measured health outcomes, or a business wanting to navigate through the new health care arena, EMD can provide strategic solutions that mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities in the new and evolving health care environment.