Nonprofit Leadership Consulting

Board Development

Boards are complex organizational groups that need ongoing support to maintain their effectiveness. When properly positioned and equipped, board members are effective fundraisers, provide incredible expertise, and can demonstrate the appropriate leadership to move a nonprofit forward in delivering on its mission.

EMD can help nonprofits determine if they have the right number of board members, the right mix of board members, and how the governing body should be structured and operated in order to achieve its goals. EMD can support organizations in developing a motivated, passionate leadership cadre of board members.

Executive Transition

Leadership transition is a pivotal time for a nonprofit.  One thing is guaranteed about leadership transition: it is a time of change.  And change, of course, brings with it both challenges and opportunities.

Our role, when we assist organizations on a leadership transition project, is to help the organization manage challenges and maximize opportunities. The optimal result is a thoughtful, intentional, and well-executed leadership transition.

 Executive Search

Hiring a new executive director or CEO is frequently the most important decision a board will make. For the CEO, hiring a development director, chief operating officer, or other senior staff is critical. EMD works with the board and/or staff to make the search process inclusive and effective.

We can do the complete search or a part of it; we work with our clients to determine the best way to make the hiring process successful. We coach search committee members about the hiring process, recruit candidates, implement a lengthy and thorough screening process, and help with the final candidate interviews.

Succession Planning

Effective succession plans are developed well before an individual announces his/her departure, and are a best practice that should be implemented regardless of a leader’s age or longevity intentions.  An effective succession plan provides a structured process to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, and to retain and develop knowledge capital and relationships for the future.

EMD helps organizations develop succession plans that include a defined approach to fill a planned or unplanned vacancy in senior leadership positions, and a process that nurtures the leadership skills of key employees, so that individuals are prepared for promotion opportunities and the organization has potential internal successors for key leadership positions.

Interim Executive Director

If an Executive Director has departed before a new leader is in place, EMD can facilitate the Board’s decision-making process to identify an Interim Executive Director who can best meet the organization’s needs.

For some organizations, the ideal Interim Executive Director is an internal staff person; for others, an external resource would better serve the organization. EMD personnel can serve as an Interim Executive Director, or EMD can assist the Board in identifying an Interim Executive Director.

Coaching: CEO & Development, Senior staff

EMD consultants are experienced in providing executive coaching. Coaching typically includes sessions with the CEO, the development executive and/or executive leaders that include: candid self-assessments of individual strengths and growth areas; discussions of team growth and development needs; setting personal and team goals along with strategies and behavioral indicators that will indicate progress toward goals; and communication strategies that reinforce leadership effectiveness.